About Mike...

He was born and raised in the Midwest; Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. He had a lot of family around him and almost everyone in his family is creative and likes to draw. He had lot of fun growing up reading comics, playing D&D and tons of video games. As with everything mentioned, he "drew" a lot of inspiration from these things. If you're a fan of any of this, you can probably see in his work many comic inspirations like George Perez, John Byrne, Dale Keown among many others as well a little of him in there.

As a freelance artist, he has done a lot of work for Palladium Books and Goodman Games. Also some work for Steve Jackson Games, I.C.E. and Last Unicorn and Wizard Magazine. He is currently working on his own projects, both RPG and comic alike as well as some possible short story ideas.

For commission works please contact; MIKEWILSONART@GMAIL.COM





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For commssion works please contact; MIKEWILSONART@GMAIL.COM